Keep Pressing On: Motivation From Around the Web [Version 1.0]

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“You would fain be victor at the Olympic games, you say. Yes, but weigh the conditions, weigh the consequences; then and then only, lay to your hand-if it be for your profit. You must live by rule, submit to diet, abstain from dainty meats, exercise your body perforce at stated hours, in heat or in cold; drink no cold water, nor, it may be, wine. In a word, you must surrender yourself wholly to your trainer, as though to a physician.

~ Epictetus, (c.A.D. 50-c.A.D. 138)

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“Many of life’s failures are those people who did not know how close they were to success when they gave up.”

~Thomas Edison

“Always listen to experts, they will tell you what you cannot do and why it cant be done, then go do it”


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