Powerlifting Workout Routines: Your Path To Results

Powerlifting Workout Routines: Your Path To Results

Powerlifting is a terrific way to boost your overall strength and see big gains fast. Although the term literally refers to an Olympic sport limited to bench presses, deadlifts, and squats, many body builders use this term to refer to advanced bodybuilding techniques. You may have heard these techniques referred to as super sets, forced reps, negatives, or even giant sets. These techniques are all focused on the same thing: progressive resistance.

You may not have any interest in Olympic competition in powerlifting, but you may be interested in adopting a powerlifting routine for a few weeks to enjoy the gains.

In the gym, “power” means using your strength in a fast manner. The lift is basically executed as quickly as possible. For the duration of your powerlifting approach, you will mimic this style.
Try this protocol for the next four weeks.

Warm up and then execute four sets for each of your muscle groups. Increase your weight with each set so that the final set is heavy enough to produce failure. You want to be close to muscle failure during your previous three sets, but make sure to conserve enough energy for that final set.

In between sets, make sure you rest for roughly three minutes. Once you go back to your set, do as many reps as you can before you hit failure. Including this resting phase will allow you to do close to the same number of reps for each set.

You need to think about your number of reps. If you are doing four sets, then you want a weight heavy enough so that you can only complete six reps or so per set. You are increasing the weight on the bar, so you need lower reps. This will force your body to adapt and grow more muscle.

Do note that if you are a beginner, you will need to modify this approach and do a five set routine. You may only do five reps per set, but that is all right.

You will cycle through your routine using this approach for four weeks. However you normally train, simply modify your reps and sets using this protocol. So if you do chest and back on Mondays and tris and bis on Wednesdays, that’s fine. You can keep your routine the same.

Powerlifting Workout Routines: Your Path To Results

Keep in mind that powerlifting increases strength and mass.

This means that your muscles will have more function. You will be stronger and able to perform more optimally. If your cardio is running, you will notice you can run faster. If it is jumping, you should be able to jump higher. That a huge bonus of powerlifting: lifting for function.

People who are into powerlifting are about how the muscle performs. There is often tension between powerlifters and bodybuilders, who are often very concerned with how the muscle looks. Powerlifters do not care about the aesthetics of the muscle, only that it performs well.

Powerlifting Workout Routines: Your Path To Results

Usually powerlifters curtail their cardio routines as well.

They typically use interval training, which is short bursts of 80-90% effort. (Interval training is the cardio version of powerlifting.)

After four weeks on this plan, you may return to your usual way of training: higher reps, more sets, more moderate weights. Many people do powerlifting short term. Others try it and love the results so much that they shift their approach entirely and begin powerlifting. A lot of how you approach weight training has to do what you ultimately want from your routine. Do you prefer function or aesthetics?

Cycling through a powerlifting routine for four weeks—or you can do two four week cycles back-to-back—will give you some of both. Your beautifully sculpted muscles will have more function, strength, and power.

Powerlifting will give you incredible gains in your muscle mass and your strength. You will be shocked by just how much your gains are in a short period of time. This is sometimes so enticing that people make the shift to powerlifting.

When you are powerlifting for your own benefit—rather than training for the Olympics—you can take this approach to all of your muscle training and not limit it to deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

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