5X5 Workout

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Workout Overview

Variations of 5 X 5 workout routines have been around for quite a while and Directly Fitness brings you a version of its own that will bring you great results with only 3 training days per week.

This routine is only recommended for intermediate level weight lifters and should not be taken lightly. This program is quite difficult to follow so only attempt if you think you’re ready for a challenge.

The program design is based on compound, multi-joint exercises with the ever popular 5 sets and 5 reps routine. These compound exercises are very taxing on the body and therefore ample recovery time and this is key to your success.

You start off with using minimal weights and have to increase by at least 2.5-5 lbs each week. This will force muscle strength and size. 3 different workouts are to be alternated each day you go to the gym so your body has to keep guessing to the changing stimuli you place on it.

If you feel like increasing your strength and muscle to the max, read and learn all about the routine that will take you there.

5X5 Workout Principles

Type: Weight Lifting
Time: 45 min – 1 hr
Skill Level: Intermediate
Reps: 5
Sets: 5 each exercise
Rest Period (Between Sets): 1.5 min – 2 min
Rest Period (Between same muscle groups): At least 48 hrs
Training Days Per Week: 3 days per week
Intensity: Moderate-High
Weight Load: High

Other 5X5 Principles

1. You must increase weight 2.5-5 lbs each time you perform the same
workout (once a week).

2. Always use a weight that allows for 5 reps (not 6 and not 4).

3. Always allow for 48 hours in between workouts.

Why the Directly Fitness 5X5 Workout Works

• Compound exercises only. These involve the most muscle, build the most
muscle, and show the most results.

• Long recovery times. This allows for maximal strength and muscle building
to occur.

• No fancy or crazy looking exercises. Just simple, tried and true exercises
that have been proven to build strength and muscle.

• Strength and Muscle Rep Range. The 5 repetition range for each exercise
is optimal for both strength and muscle gains.

• Builds strength. Not only will this workout bring you a bigger physique, but
a stronger one as well. Strength and size are directly
proportional so as you get stronger, you will also get bigger.

• Increases in weight load. Weekly increases in resistance will lead to
forcing your body to continue its path to maximal growth.

• Daily routine changes. Three different workout patterns keep your body
guessing and prevent over training. Workouts A, B, and C are alternated so
you keep your body adapting every day.

Directly Fitness 5X5 Workout Routine

Alternate between workouts A, B, and C each day you go to the gym. So for example, Monday would be workout A, Wednesday would be workout B, and Friday would be workout C. Repeat the next week.

After 4 weeks, switch the order of the exercises performed within each of the three workouts. This will be enough change to allow for continued progress in strength and growth. Do this every 4 week period for maximal strength and muscle building potential.

Remember to start out with low weight until your body can handle heavier loads as you will be increasing the weight every workout. Try out this workout for yourself- its a lot more challenging than you think!

Workout A:

Barbell Bench Press
Barbell Squat
Dead lift

Workout B:

Bent-Over Barbell Rows
Over-Head Barbell Press
Barbell Lunges

Workout C:

Barbell Squats
Barbell Bench Press
Dead lift

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The 5X5 Workout Routine:


• Workout A (5 sets X 5 reps each exercise)


• Rest


• Workout B (5 sets X 5 reps each exercise)


• Rest


• Workout C (5 sets X 5 reps each exercise)


• Rest


• Rest

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6 Responses to “Intermediate Workout Routines: The 5X5 Strength Building Program”

  1. Ben Allman says : Reply

    Can I do HIIT interval training 2 days per week during this routine?

    • Directlyfitness Team admin says : Reply

      You sure can! One thing to be aware of is the fatigue in your legs after each workout. You might experience extra soreness at first but should go away after you do this a few weeks. How long do you perform HIIT training each session?

  2. Shaine says : Reply

    This is almost identical to the very popular Strong Lifts, program!

    • Directlyfitness Team Directlyfitness Team says : Reply

      Yes, many 5×5 programs are similar in nature. Whichever program you decide to use, we hope you make some awesome gains!

  3. Tom Duffy says : Reply

    Just curious how you suggest warm ups. Should you do a couple sets then 5 working or a couple sets and 3 working?

    • Directlyfitness Team Directlyfitness Team says : Reply

      Correct, this workout as listed is meaning 5 working sets whereas 1-2 warm up sets should be performed initially for each exercise.

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