Workout Programs: The Jamie Eason 12 Week Trainer

Jamie Eason is by far one of the most recognizable fitness models in the industry. However, Jamie wasn’t born with a silver dumbbell in her hand; she had to fight tooth and nail for where she is today. And like any great success story, Jamie had to battle in the trenches before she reached the summit of success.

Workout Programs: The Jamie Eason 12 Week Trainer

Jamie overcame every woman’s worst nightmare: breast cancer. Her personal struggle with the disease flipped her motivation switch. She began to make healthy lifestyle changes, building the body she never thought she’d have again, but better!

With 7 years under her belt since her bout with cancer, Jamie has accumulated an array of health and fitness knowledge that has aided her in her own rendition of survival of the fittest.

In an exclusive interview, Jamie shares her best tips about training, nutrition and supplementation – tips that she has used to set herself apart in the world of fitness.

For more information and details on Jamie Eason’s training, diet, and supplementation plan: Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Trainer

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