How to Perform Front Shoulder Raises

About Performing Front Shoulder Raises:

Front shoulder raises, otherwise known as “anterior deltoid raises” are typically done with dumbbells and an exercise of choice for really hitting the front of the shoulders. This exercise can be with both hands raised in an alternating fashion or with both arms raised simultaneously.

Muscles Used in the Front Shoulder Raises exercise:

The major muscle group worked is the anterior deltoids. The secondary muscles worked are the biceps, coracobrachialis, and forearm extensors.

Perform Front Shoulder Raises:

Starting Position:

  • Begin with dumbbells in both hands.
  • Bring arms slightly in front of your body while letting them hang with weights.
  • Make sure both palms are facing toward your body.
  • Feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width.

Upward Phase:

  • Contract your anterior shoulders to initiate the movement.
  • Allow your arms to follow with a slight bend at the elbow.
  • Body, and head should be straight and upright.
  • Stop at or just short of 90 degrees of flexion (arm shouldn’t rise past shoulder height).
  • Don’t hoist the weight up with momentum.

Downward Phase:

  • Slowly lower the weight in the same arching motion it was raised.
  • Keep palms in the same position you started.
  • Natural tendency will be for your palms to begin facing each other.
  • Stop just short of resting position for continued tension on the shoulder.

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