Supplement Reviews: Marked Pre-Workout Igniter

Supplement Reviews: Marked Pre-Workout Igniter

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Either way, we decided to put a product from his line “Marked” to the test. We chose to test the “Pre-workout Igniter” designed to increase energy, focus, and strength prior to working out. One of the seven sports and active nutrition products in the Marked line, we are excited to bring you this new and honest product review on Pre-workout Igniter product.Mark Wahlberg (or “Marky-mark” for some of our older readers) has blown his way onto the big screen in action movies and comedies alike.

Naturally, when we got word that he had a supplement line coming out, we got a little giddy. Then again, we thought because he was such a celebrity it was probably just a marketing ploy using his good name. We almost dismissed the potential for a product review, but then we got to thinking…Mark Wahlberg obviously keeps in shape so he might just be keeping a closer eye on his product line. Just maybe.

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1. Quality:

One of the biggest concerns with all supplements is the quality of ingredients. It would appear here that there are no “banned substances” included. I think it would be stupid for ANY supplement company to put banned substances in them, let alone a high profile line like this one (of course unfortunately some do).

Here is the official label of the Marked Pre-workout Igniter:

Supplement Reviews: Marked Pre-Workout Igniter

As you can see there is nothing super special about this blend when compared to other pre-workout supplements. Of course, we cannot exactly see what the blends are made up of, but what we can see the basic make-up of a standard pre-workout supplement. This goes to show that marketing with a big name like Mark Wahlberg really can sell basic products! Now were not trying to bash this pre-workout igniter as it does contain the essentials when it comes to energy boosting supplements.

For now we will just say that this product is not so bad, containing the necessary ingredients to an effective pre-workout supplement with no banned substances included-but still pretty basic. For this we will award Marked pre-workout igniter a solid 8.0.

2. Mixability:

The instructions for Pre-workout Igniter state “Mix one level scoop (14g) with 8-10 oz of cold water or your favorite beverage before training. For extreme results, take two servings pre-workout.” We tried mixing this product by both spoon and shaker bottle. We notice no clumping or powder residue whatsoever.We ended up starting with one scoop and progressing to two scoops with no problems mixing, although this is one of those supplements that do leave a bit of foam at the top after mixing.

We will give Marked Pre-workout Igniter a 9.0/10 for mixability.

3. Effect:

We were a little unsure of what to expect given the celebrity status of this product. Would it be just another knock off product using a hollywood name to boost sales? Well we can say after taking it for the first week we were quite impressed. We’re not sure if it’s the lack of expectations prior to taking the product or the energy blend, but this product had a bit more kick than anticipated.

We even got a slight flush a few times when upping the dose to two scoops! We won’t say it is the most energetic product we have tried, but it sure wasn’t bad at boosting energy levels.

Pre-workout Igniter will take roughly 15-20 minutes to kick in so make sure your on the way to the gym before taking! Also be sure to start off with 1 scoop if you are a little sensitive to caffeine. You might also notice that after taking Marked Pre-workout Igniter that you see diminished effects even with 2 scoops after a week or two due to your body adapting.

Therefore you might want to get a more powerful pre-workout supplement if you workout daily as your body will adapt quickly. Marked may not be bad choice if you workout 2-3 times a week though! For overall better than expected results, we’ll give this Marked product a 8.5 out of 10 for effect.

4. Taste:

We tried the fruit punch flavor and have to say it wasn’t half bad. It has a more mild bite to it versus other “sour” tasting pre-workout supplements like N.O. Explode (Links to separate review).

A nice subtle taste goes down smoothly and is one of the best tasting pre-workout supplements we have ever had! We give Marked Igniter a perfect 10/10 for taste.

5. Cost:

The cost is something we were a bit concerned with due to marketing with a huge celebrity name. We figured it would be way overpriced for what it was. Well, we won’t say its way overpriced but it is a little on the expensive side only once you consider the fact that each scoop is 1 serving. That’s 30 servings a case, or 30 workouts worth. This is not sounding like too bad a deal so far right? But when you consider the fact that you will most likely need 2 scoops to really feel energized, that number quickly jumps down to 15 workouts worth of product.

Worth it? Some may argue it is, but we feel it might be slightly over-priced for what it is (Although not near as bad as we initially expected). We will give marked a 8.0/10 for cost.


In the end Marked Pre-workout Igniter turned out to be a half-decent product. Despite the initial biases the mainstream bodybuilding population may have, this product actually held  its own. Although it could definitely use some improvement in areas such as quality and cost, this Marked product goes to show that not all celebrity sponsored products are bad! All-in-all, we believe this product deserves the awarded score of 8.75/10.

Included in this review are some links to GNC where you can find more information about Marked Pre-workout Igniter if you are interested.Otherwise you can always checkout our links to other popular pre-workout supplements in our store.

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