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Breaking The Myth – Women Who Lift Heavy Will Look Like Men! Author: Rosie Chee, BExSpSc This article will discuss and compare the physiology, the hormonal adaptations to resistance training, and the role of diet in gaining muscle, in both males and females. Breaking the Myth “If I Lift Heavy I’ll End Up Looking Like

Transform Your Tummy With These 8 Essential Tips! Author: Rosie Chee, BExSpSc Introduction The flat stomach. The sexy 6-pack. The washboard abs. The cover model midsection. Abs are one of the most obsessed over body-parts amongst both men and women. Whether it’s just getting them toned enough to see a hint of definition, or being

The Cardio Debate for Fat Loss: High Intensity versus Low Intensity Author: Rosie Chee, BExSpSc Introduction It is a mistaken belief that long and slow, low intensity cardio is best for fat loss because it utilizes the aerobic system and burns fat during exercise. High intensity cardio is actually far superior and more effective for

3 Keys to Fat Loss!

Friday, 22 June 2012 by

3 Keys to Fat Loss! Author: Rosie Chee, BExSpSc Introduction Many people have the desire to lose weight. More specifically, many people desire to lose BODYFAT (BF). However, most of those people do NOT know how to go about it. They see conflicting messages everywhere, from one fad diet to another, one person telling them

The Essential 8: Exercises that will get you ripped! Author: Rosie Chee, BExSpSc Introduction So, you want to get lean; you want to be RIPPED! You have your nutrition targeted at fat loss; you have your supplement regimen all ready. Now, you just need your TRAINING program sorted, and you will be ready to roll.