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Directlyfitness Store: Free Coupons

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 by

Free Coupons! Save Big On Name Brand Supplements! Featured Deals & Giveaways: Save Big: See the Specials of the Week at VitaminShoppe! Save Big:See the Specials of the Week at! Deals On Supplement Brand of The Year: Imperius Labs For a limited time, Tenacity, our best selling pre-workout booster is marked 25% off! Fat

Keeping Track of Rest Periods…Is It Worth It? “Time is the most precious commodity out there. It’s the one thing you can’t buy or ever buy back. Give it your absolute all to whatever task it is your doing, no matter how big or small it is.” – Muscle Prodigy This is a deep quote

5 Tips to Shrink Your Grocery Bill Want to hear a secret? Can you be trusted? No seriously, can you keep a secret? Ok, here goes. Grocery stores are a rip-off! Let me restate that. Grocery stores are a HUGE friggin’ rip-off. Well maybe this isn’t a surprise to you but it certainly was to

Fitness Model Caitlyn Bellamy Interviews with Quick stats: Age: 27 Height: 5’9 Weight: 135lbs on season, 140lbs off season Measurements: 36-26-36 Occupation: Personal Trainer, Contest Prep Coach 1. Tell us a little about how you got to your current success level. I attended my first fitness show 6 years ago to watch my mother

For The Love of Fitness! 7 Ways Fitness Can Help Your Relationship this Valentine’s Day & Everyday! Relationships are not the easiest thing to understand. They’re complicated, they’re challenging and at times they’re down right frustrating. But it doesn’t have to always be that way. Fitness is a great way to relive the stress of a

How Can I Increase My Bench?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 by

How Can I Increase My Bench? One of the most common questions asked in the bodybuilding world: How can I increase my bench? The answer is actually quite simple, yet complex at the same time. There are many minute variables that can mean the difference between an “OK” set and a record breaking PR. We’re going

Butternut Squash Health Benefits

Sunday, 13 January 2013 by

Butternut Squash Health Benefits Being winter time grocery stores are starting carry a lot of squashes; butternut, acorn, turban, spaghetti, and some I am still trying to figure out. Since I started eating Paleo one of the major problems that kept coming up was trying to get enough carbohydrates into me diet on a consistent

WBFF Fitness Pro Julie Bonnett Interviews with 1.   How did you get started with bodybuilding, modeling, and fitness? I was a competitive tap and jazz dancer right into my teens, however when the demands of school and work no longer allowed me the time to travel into the city for dance class, I realized

Come On Man! Why No Glutes?

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 by

Come On Man! Why No Glutes? We remember when all we cared about was having a big chest, massive arms, and a ripped mid-section. As we got older, we came to realize that why follow the other typical male standards of a complete physique. We said to ourselves “we love women that have a nice,

WBFF Fitness Pro Jacoby Morgan Interviews with Quick stats: Age: 25 Height: 6’0” Weight: 185 Occupation: Personal Trainer Titles: WBFF Fitness pro Upcoming Events: TBA 1. Tell us a little about how you got to your current success level. I got to my current level of success in the fitness industry by mixing priorities,